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PhotoMovieDesired MakeModelSerial No.YearHourOptionsPriceDetails
TOYOTA LUND CRUZER 300 ZX 3.3L 3DA-FJA300W 2022/FEB 80KM MODELISTA F/S,rear spoiler,21AW with tire×4r SOLD Details
CAT 903C2 YKL1517* 2022/2 39 0.8M3 backet,suspention seat,beacon ¥5.3mil TAX0.53mil ,TOTAL¥5.83mil YEN Details
KOBELCO LK40Z-6 RW06-031** 2020 368 ROPS CAB,EPA,RADIO ,HEATER ASK Details
CAT  901C2 YKY027** 2019 Dec. 255 SNOW SPECK.0.5m3 backet ,Fender cover ¥3.5mil+10%TAX,TOTAL ¥3.85mil Details
NISSEKI HTR81 17* 1996 4.817 W=1.3M chip back,2 seater,revolving light ASK Details
HK HK131K KR7-001** 1999 9,395 W=1.5M、chip back sys. snow tire ASK Details
HK HK135S KR7-0005* 1998 1,230 W=1.5M,cooler,double tire,2seater ASK Details
NIIGATA NR30P 001* 2004 1,399 beacon,F/G tire JPS3,650,000+TAX Details
Kawasaki 1.3m3~1.6m3 for wheel loader multipul snow blade KHVS-291262 2004 5.300 fitting for kawasaki 50ZV 650,000+10%TAX total ¥715,000 Details
YAMAHA YST1070T 7XE-7240221 2023 BRANDNEW eazy turn,width=700MM,10HP gasoline E/G ASK Details
NIIGATA NR30P 006* 2006 635 snow tire,beacon,heater ¥3,850,000+10%TAX Details
NISSEKI KBR101 R09A-005* 2001/8 5,750 chip bck,spiked snow tire,beacon,W=1.5M SOLD Details
NIIGATA NR81 NR08B-06** 2003 2,750 W=1.3M chip back,2 seater,revolving light ASK Details
HK HK131K KR7-0025* 2000 2.641 W=1.3M chip back,2 seater,revolving light SOLD Details
HK HK131K KR7-0015* 1998 524 chip back,heated front window SOLD Details
NICHIJO 450PS SNOW BLOWER HTR405 R06B-002* 2004/10 2.358 SWING AUGER,W=2.6M SOLD Details
KOMATSU OC850-8E0 634** 2017 7.745 ROPS,A/C,710G,8.2M BOOM,3.6M ARM,3.7M3 backet SOLD Details
NIIGATA NR280 NR28A-008* 1999 6.800 Swing auger,W=2.6M SOLD Details
NIIGATA NR80 NR08*-01** 2002/11 3,364 W=1.3M chip back,2 seater,beacon SOLD Details
NISSEKI 80PS HTR81 01* 1988 2,107 W=1.5M,chip back,beacon SOLD Details
NIIGATA NR280 NR28A-**** 1998 3,136 swing auger,W=2.2M,rear double tire SOLD Details
NICHIJO HTR265 R03C-009* 2009/3 3,827 chip back sys.snow tire,heated front glass SOLD Details
TOYOTA  LAND CRUIZER 300 GR SPORTS 3.5L VJA300-4053*** 2022/6 1,060km 7seater,rear enter/sys,sun roof,cool,box,JBL premium sound SOLD Details
FUJII S1230D 30237 1998 345 TILT SYSYTEM SOLD Details
NICHIJO HTR262 R03A-52** 2000 3.270 swing awger,W=2.6M,rear doubled tire SOLD Details
NIIGATA NR32P 000* 2019/01 60 new engine,snowtire,on road model、4WD SOLD Details
HK HK131K R4-002** 2004 3.570 W=1.3M、chip back,snow tire,flushlight SOLD Details
NIIGATA NR656 NR655-13** 1997 5.060 W=2.6M、wrist control,beacon,snow tire,2 seater SOLD Details
HONDA CB400F 1003392 1970 8,834km 2seater ASK Details
NICHIJO HTR53 R11B-001* 2010 140 chip back,snow tire,beacon,rev. meter,heated window glass SOLD Details
NICHIJO 400PS HTR403 R06A-103* 2002 4,050 M,loading shooter,SNOW TIRE,High speeder T/M SOLD Details
NIIGATA NR180 NR18A-002* 1997 2.250 W=2.2M,beacon,snow tire with pin SOLD Details
NICHIJO HTR403 R06A-103*4 2002 2.095 M,loading shooter,snow tire,beacon SOLD Details
NIIGATA NR656 NR655-127* 1998 4.845 wrist control,rear doubled wheel. SOLD Details
NICHIJO HTR262 R03A-51** 2001 1.050 chip back,hydorauric operateing snow cutter,2seater,2.2M SOLD Details
NIIGATA NR722 **** 1998 4.655 W=2.6M,wrist control system(joy stick type) SOLD Details
NICHIJO 300PS ROTARY SNOW PLOW HTR305 R03C-21** 2007 3.098 W=2.6M,wrist control system SOLD Details
NIIGATA 285PS snow NR281 NR28B-06** 2004 4.678 chip back,rev/meter,heated glass,rear doubled tire SOLD Details
NIIGATA 300PS NR656 133* 1997 4.316 swing auger,joy stick control,snow tire SOLD Details
NICHIJO HTR262 R03A-51** 2002 1.250 swing auger,M/Shooter,rev/tacho,rear doubled tire SOLD Details
NICHIJO NRT-5S S11151S101* 1993 1.346 W=2.5M,capa.=900t/h,distance=20M,120PS SOLD Details
NICHIJO NTR-5J S11041J017* 1993 SOLD Details
NICHIJO HTR83 R10B-00** 2004 1.930 W=1.5M heated window glass SOLD Details
NIIGATA NR600 00** 1993 2.318 600PS SOLD Details
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